LayerCake Generator
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LayerCake Generator

Because any frontend can be developed upon an elegant backend

Free & Open Source

C# Layer Factory

LayerCake Generator is a free and open source Layer Factory for Microsoft .NET applications. It is designed to save you time in thinking and architecturing your software and reducing the number of coding errors.

.NET Environment

Service Architecture

Within 5 minutes you can step through the two screens necessary to create a complete C# service architecture and start your development. Design your database and deploy a C# Visual Studio solution at the glance!

User Friendly


it is designed to be discrete and user-friendly. Your application code doesn't need to depend on LayerCake Generator directly. Once published LayerCake Generator no longer exists.


Overview of the architecture generated by LayerCake Generator

Technical Features

Microsoft Environment

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and above

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2013 & 2012 (any edition)

Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2012 & 2010 (any edition)

Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects API

Microsoft Visual Studio Text Template T4


Generator: Standalone Windows Application

Generator: Source & T4 Templates available

Generated Code: 0 external dependency

Generated Code: 100% Framework .NET

Many services out-of box

Entities + Validation Support

Data Access Layer + Stored Procedures + Entity Auto-Mapping

Business Layer

Service & WCF Contracts

Service Layer

WCF Web Services Hosting

WebApi 2.2 Support

Web Monitoring Dashboard

Unit Test Coverage (for the generated code)

And more!

Multilingual Support


Customizing User Authentication

Data Logging & Ownership

Local Memory and Redis Cache Services

Logging Service

DataBin Service

Pool Implementation

Execution Tracers

Lightweight ServiceLocator

WCF ServiceProxy

Entity Properties Encryption


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