Lab 02 - Solution Deployment

Duration: ~10mins

1. Environment Deployment

Run LayerCake Cooker.


SQL Server section

Application section

Smtp Configuration section

Fill the fields about the SQL Server section and press the button Test Connection to validate.

Database Name

The database must not exist (the process will create and initialize it).

If everything seems under control the next sections become enable.

Fill the other sections following the example below (adjust the values of the Smtp Configuration section with yours).


Press the Process button to continue.

Select the directory where the Visual Studio solution will be deployed.


Deployment Path

It is recommended to select a short path to avoid TooLongPathException

Press OK to run the process.


Once the process is done you should have this content.


LayerCake Generator Configuration File

This file should'nt be moved from the default location. Moving it may break the code generation process. However if you really want to move it, open it and report to the Config.SolutionDir key.

Open the Src folder.


Now have a look to the database.


2. Solution Initialization

Open the Visual Studio solution and rebuild the solution.


Once done execute LayerCake Generator.

Select the configuration file and press the Open button.

Illustration Illustration

Press the Process button (wait a moment while the process is running).


When the process is finished Visual Studio may ask you to reload all the projects.


Compile the solution pressing F6.

Press F5 to run the WebServices project.

If everything is Ok you should see the Monitoring Dashboard (under construction).


The solution is now ready to be custom.